​​Extending the Classroom to the Outdoors

Allow students to enjoy fresh air and the pastoral setting of Flint Rock Farm as they participate in educational activities and farm learning experiences. Farm tours will last approximately 2-3 hours depending on the size of your group.  Small groups chaperoned by a teacher, assistant or parent will rotate through activity stations. Your field trip can end with a picnic under our shelter.

Not just for schools...senoir groups, church groups and scout troops have fun learning on the farm!  We can taylor your experience to meet your needs. A tractor pulled hay ride highlights what is growing in the fields and gives a brief history of historic Plank Road. Optional pony/horse rides led by employees can be added to your experience.

Activity stations and large group topics will depend on the age of your students and which topics you choose based on your grade level objectives. Cooperative planning between the contact person and Flint Rock Farm management will choose age appropriate activities from the following possibilities. 

  *"Thank the Farmer" for our food, fiber and fuel
  *Development of the seed and parts of the plant that we eat

  *Tools (household and outdoors) comparing Then and Now

  *Meet our animals and learn about their habits and needs


Barnyard Fun Activities

Students experience many hands-on activities that reinforce a variety of objectives to demonstrate how it use to be on Grandma's farm including washing clothes with a scrub board, mowing grass with a push mower, hand cranked corn sheller, hand pump water, milk the cow simulation.  Other engaging activities include farm bean bag toss, horse shoe ring toss, John Deere tic-tac-toe, lasso the ponies, bushel basket skeet ball, large farm puzzles and interactive soy bean display.